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All titles by The Wooden Nail Press are available from (in case you hadn't noticed) and several of them are available from CreateSpace (an Amazon-owned print-on-demand operation). Because the Print-on-Demand technology eliminates the necessity of keeping an inventory we rely on Amazon and CreateSpace to fulfill orders for single copies. Frankly, my efforts go into photographing and researching the old churches and historic architecture, and writing the books, and I find it burdensome to wrap and ship books, even though I'm told I'd make more money that way. So for single copies, please order through CreateSpace or Amazon. I actually get a better royalty from CreateSpace than from Amazon—you figure that one out—it's the same company. But if Amazon is not your thing, I don't want you to go without a book, so you can order from this website. If you have a PayPal account that makes it very easy. But you can also order by phone, e-mail or by regular mail; see below.

I cannot afford a credit or collection agency, and I can't afford to get stiffed so I
will only accept prepaid orders for the full amount. Sorry for that inconvenience,
but I suspect you understand. The web can be a treacherous place for a small business.

If you have a special situation—a history fair or book exhibit or something of that nature, please send me an e-mail outlining your needs and I'll see what I can do. My e-mail is

Orders for all titles can be placed by phone, mail or e-mail.
Phone: (908) 627-1234
104 South Main, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865-2829


I know most libraries order through Baker & Taylor. I have tried to work with them because library orders are a very important part of my market. But B & T insists I sign a contract giving them a 55% discount and the right to return all books. I simply cannot afford to keep the price of the books as low as possible and meet such terms. I offer a 20% discount to libraries for all sales through this website. I will ship on receipt of an e-mail, a letter or purchase order, and will work with you to process whatever vouchers or other paperwork is necessary to get paid. Please contact me if you have a better way of getting any of these books into your patrons' hands.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions for Wooden Nail Press Publications

  •   Minimum order: 10 copies per title to a single location.
  •   Currency: We charge and collect in US dollars only, based on the US list price, regardless of your location.
  •   Discount for resellers: 35%. For independent bookstores this discount rises to 40% for 20 copies or more
      of a single title to a single location.
  •   For schools and libraries, the discount for any quantity not meant for resale is 20%.
  •   Shipping and handling: $8 USD to anywhere in the U.S.

Please note that all our books have standard bar codes but no price either in the bar code or elsewhere.

We accept Paypal, checks and money orders. New Jersey residents must pay sales tax, and a shipping and handling charge of $8.00 is added to all orders. All orders must be prepaid. After sending your order, you will receive a request for payment through PayPal that you can make by credit card or bank transfer. (PayPal does not require an account with them for payment by credit card.) Or if you wish, you can send your order with a check in USD to the address above.

We ship priority mail from Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Our books are “print on demand,” meaning the copies you order probably aren’t printed yet. Even so, they can normally be drop shipped from the U.S. East Coast within a few days. If you give us a required delivery date, we’ll let you know if we’re not confident we can meet it.

Because all books are printed on demand, we cannot accept returns unless the book is damaged; we will replace or refund for copies that are defective or damaged on arrival.